Avram Meitner: A zionist Hacker is busted

ايها الفلسطينيين، احذروا
Beware Palestinian and pro-Palestinian activists: 

Gisele Dussault
Avram Meitner and their agents (the Intelligence personnel group)

Watching the zionist jewish hacker Avram Meitner and the zionist entrapment girl   Gisele Dussault  over a long period, we have reached to the conclusion that they are definitely zionist agents trying to infiltrate the Palestinian activist and collect personal info and the logistics of the Palestinian on the ground through consecutive travels to Palestine and also through investigating and even interrogating some international activists upon their return home. 

Gisele is traveling consequently to the West Bank/Palestine and entrapping the resistance boys there to get real-time info about them and the resistance leader.

They dont work alone, they have their helpers SPECIALLY the anti-Palestinian "journalist" Yasser Abu-Muailek  who is assigned to contact Palestinian activists and collect personal info.

Avram Meitner and Gisele Dussault have hacked many Palestinian activists and got personal information from their own laptops. They have done that for long time until they reached to Anon to "fool" them. Anon could get the trick that what Avram sent is a bug but not a "New blog from Palestine" as he lies. 

Avram might send you a message like this: 

Hi there 
is this your naked photo? and then give you the link to bug you.
  But it is not only that, but hacking the top Palestinian activists? For what? To get information on them for your zionist bosses?

One of the true pro-Palestinian activists have visited Palestine lately and some of our activists hosted her. When she left back home to London/ UK, and right upon her arrival, Gisele met her, interrogated her about the her trip and the Palestinian  activists she met, and even brutalized her to the degree that that activists out of horror has completely left activism.
In Addition, some of our activists sent with her some gifts for other activists through out Europe, non of them have reached its target ... it was all robbed by Gisele and Mr Meitner. 

Accordingly, we warn against these two zionists even though they pretend to be "pro-Palestinians" that without pretending so they wont be able to penetrate the Palestinian activism and hack them and collect personal info serving their zionist masters.

Anonymous Palestine 


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