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Strategy and Tactic

Our fight for Palestine is a strategy but not a tactic. It is a nonstop process and not just a campaign. We renew our tactics, use different techniques and innovate our style while faithful to our strategy of revealing the zionist infiltrators who aim to control the Palestinian narrative. 

H4P is just a marginal fight for us, and as we promised our ever growing followers, we will keep the fight against ANY zionist infiltrator SPECIALLY those who use the deceptive words of "humanity, peace, love, coexistence" and such hollow stuff to normalize their apartheid occupation which they call it their "jewish state".

We alone cant do the whole job, so we hope that our supporters and followers to provide us with the suspected names and details of people, FB groups and organizations. We will do our research and hit them at the right time where they dont expect us. There is no compromise for Palestine but FULL historic Palestine.

Thank you for following us and for the support.