Yasser Abumailek: The zionist slave is revealed

Yasser AbuMuailek is a Palestinian (or actually anti Palestinian journalist) who is knowingly and persistently works against his own people in full cooperation with the zionist occupiers.

من يجمع المعلومات الشخصية عن الفلسطينيين لصالح اسيادة الصهاينة، فهو عميل بامتياز وخصوصا اذا كان من عائلة فيها عملاء 

We, Anonymous Palestine, have made an exclusive researcher on him since he was kicked out by his respectful family residing in Deir-Elbalah (central Gaza area) to reside alone in "Nassr" neighborhood of northern Gaza city, and then when he was discovered he ran away to Jordan and afterward to Saudi Arabia and finally to reside in Germany as a journalist reporting against the Fighting Palestinians serving his zionist recruiters.

CV: Curricula Vitae 

First, as a young man, Yasser was caught of suspicious activities of collaborating with the zionist occupiers and he was kicked out of his family nest (who are mostly to be respectful people except his brother Mohammed" who too was caught and imprisoned for spying on Hamas militants) and he ran away to reside in Nassr neighborhood to spy on the militant Palestinians. Shortly after that he was highly suspected but before he was caught and interrogated he was saved by his zionist recruiters and was sent to Jordan to spy on the Palestinians there.

After some years of training he traveled to Saudi Arabia but then shortly after that he was sent to Germany as a logistic agent there.

However, this is not so important to mention but his own history and the history of his brother (the zionist spy) but lately he revealed his true identity after having a safe haven in Germany to work against his own people hoping that the zionists will promote him  more as a front line actor against the fighting Palestinians, specially the Hamas movement.

He was also caught and documented spying on Palestinians and collecting information about them aided by a zionist girl who facilitates the contacts to him to be able to play the "good" Palestinian pretending to be fighting the zionists while he's actually just a zionist tool at a low level of collecting information.

 Yasser AbuMoailek, as he reveals himself in both of his Facebook account and his Linkedin profile says openly that he's not only against Hamas but also against the militant Muslims in general. He also advocates aggressive ways to fight the Muslims more than what is going on now of killing the children and shelling the houses, as if he has an inner rage against his own people and asking the zionists to attack more fiercely his own people in Gaza.

Checking his twitter account with a crosscheck with his FB account we found that Palestine is almost absent there unless he attacks Hamas or what he calls "terrorists" in full alliance with the zionists and their allies. It is clear that he support the bloody coupists in Egypt as well as support the Saudi invasion of Yemen, as his stance against Iran and Hizballah is almost furious. 

The funny thing is that he repeatedly posts (in both twitter and FB) about the gays and defends them which indicates his pervert mentality and central concern, however, it is his own body and he free to be fucked the way he wants and this is a marginal matter for Palestine

His antiPalestinian stance is very clear in his tweets against not only Hamas but any Palestinian fighter who is fighting off the zionist occupation. However, he contradicts himself that at the time he ask the occupied Palestinians to waiver the armed struggle and "cooperate" with the zionist occupiers he asks the NATO to use harsher and more aggressive means against the Muslims. 

Early in March this year, he sent a zionist girl to entrap some Palestinian activist through Facebook messages, and then she introduced him to Yasser who through offering help tried to entrap him to collect information about the local activists. This activist was smart enough to go along with them both and document all their chat's with him asking him to cooperate with them and collect info about the local activists for promise to help him publishing. We keep these chats confidential for now in order not to jeopardies the local activists life.

This is the story -part of it- of the local activist (Rayyan Adam) as he sent it to us WORD BY WORD including the typing mistakes revealing the suspicious mossadist activities of Yasser:

We have also received the full chat of Rayyan with both Gisele, the zionist girl, and Yasser revealing their tricks to entrap the local activists asking them for personal information and specially of their phone numbers. 

The first enemy of Palestine is not the racist zionist criminals like Natenyaho and Leibermann who are easily to identify and their open racism is a great help for Palestine, but it is the disguised zionist agents who play the role of real Palestinians seeking "peace" with the jewish settlers while working against their own people by asking the enemy to be more aggressive against the occupied people. These people who sell themselves to the zionist for trash of help or a one-night bed with a zionist  whore or financial support of the beggar mentality are to be addressed first to clean the "Palestinian house" from their dirt. 

Yasser got to answer the following questions:

1. Who pushed him to collect info about the local activists?
2. Why he sent the entrapment girl Gisele to make an initial deceptive contact with Rayyan?
3. Why he started off his very first chat with Rayyan asking of very personal info?
4. Why he bugged Rayyan's Mobile?
5. Why he slandered Rayyan in a post on his wall taken immediately (in a timed and coordinated work) by Rina Idrus to be posted on H4P (the zionist Humanity For Palestine group) wall and on her wall?
6. Did Rayyan ever heard of your name before you contacted him and slandered him?
Who pushed you and why did you do that? 
Why did you do that against your own people serving your zionist boss?

We tell you what happened, sweet Yasser. You never heard of Rayyan nor he ever heard of your "shining" name before your jewish boss told you: "Hey, dirty boy! go and bring me a full information file about that Rayyan", and you like a dog tucked your tail and ran to deceive Rayyan.... good zionist slave !! 

We also know that it was Peter Cohen who pushed you and the slandering post against Rayyan was coordinated with Rina Idrus, the slandering specialist, who just like you hates Hamas and wishes it would vanish, but loves the zionist boss.

Yasser didnt sell his soul to the zionist devil just recently, but it was long ago even before he was kicked out by his own family as a young man. 

خلي اللي وشتوك تعوي زي الكلب ينفعوك
نحن نعرف كواليس ما دار بينك وبين رينا وسيدك الصهيوني كوهن ولاحقا كارول منذ اواخر شهر شباط، هناك ما يسمي فلسطين-ليكس قريبا وسيكون لك حصة محفوظة عشان عيونك، عيون الجواسيسس 
Your zionist boss Peter Cohen, 
We are his friends too watching
You have been warned not to mess with the real Palestinians 


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