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Yasser Abumailek: The zionist slave is revealed

Yasser AbuMuailek is a Palestinian (or actually anti Palestinian journalist) who is knowingly and persistently works against his own people in full cooperation with the zionist occupiers.
من يجمع المعلومات الشخصية عن الفلسطينيين لصالح اسيادة الصهاينة، فهو عميل بامتياز وخصوصا اذا كان من عائلة فيها عملاء 
We, Anonymous Palestine, have made an exclusive researcher on him since he was kicked out by his respectful family residing in Deir-Elbalah (central Gaza area) to reside alone in "Nassr" neighborhood of northern Gaza city, and then when he was discovered he ran away to Jordan and afterward to Saudi Arabia and finally to reside in Germany as a journalist reporting against the Fighting Palestinians serving his zionist recruiters.

CV: Curricula Vitae 

First, as a young man, Yasser was caught of suspicious activities of collaborating with the zionist occupiers and he was kicked out of his family nest (who are mostly to be respectful people except his brother Mohammed" who too wa…