Zionist Crimes against Palestinian children

Put Israel on the UN List of Serious Rights Violators of Children under Armed Conflict.We must end the systematic targeting of Palestinian children by the State of Israel, its military and citizens who violate Palestinian children’s rights under armed conflict.

70 years of occupation, ethnic cleansing, and unspeakable wars have lead only to a shrinking Palestine and an oppressed unarmed population whose children are being systematically targeted by the Israeli military.
100 years of British, UN and US “talks” has resulted in this:
- 91,000 dead.*
- 5.5 million stateless refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq.
- 2.5 million living in their 48th year of an illegal occupation in which at least half are refugees as well.
- 1.8 million living in their 8th year of an illegal blockade that has destroyed their economy and society.
- 2.2 million living as second-class people in Israel.
- Millions living in the diaspora separated from families and their heritage.
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