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The Amazing Story of Gaza

The Amazing Story of Gaza 
by: Hazem Exquisite

1987 was the year of the first Intifada; it was also the year of my birth. I quickly became immune to things children should never be exposed to!! 

A normal day for me could mean that Israeli soldiers might raid our home in the early morning. My mother was so afraid of what they may do that she would hide the kitchen knives fearing that the soldiers would slaughter us in our beds for no reason. The Israeli soldiers at that time practiced an extremely dirty way of killing children. The fear was exacerbated because the Zionist media was (and still is) so dominating that it would be a case of our word against theirs and their word would always win. 

All around me were stories of death, of broken bones, of severed heads and amputated limbs. Right from the beginning, I and all the other children around me were unable to live a ‘normal’ life. The journey to my school or playground was always one filled with anxiety and dread. From my early years I…