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Strategy and Tactic

Our fight for Palestine is a strategy but not a tactic. It is a nonstop process and not just a campaign. We renew our tactics, use different techniques and innovate our style while faithful to our strategy of revealing the zionist infiltrators who aim to control the Palestinian narrative. 

H4P is just a marginal fight for us, and as we promised our ever growing followers, we will keep the fight against ANY zionist infiltrator SPECIALLY those who use the deceptive words of "humanity, peace, love, coexistence" and such hollow stuff to normalize their apartheid occupation which they call it their "jewish state".

We alone cant do the whole job, so we hope that our supporters and followers to provide us with the suspected names and details of people, FB groups and organizations. We will do our research and hit them at the right time where they dont expect us. There is no compromise for Palestine but FULL historic Palestine.

Thank you for following us and for the support.


Yasser Abumailek: The zionist slave is revealed

Yasser AbuMuailek is a Palestinian (or actually anti Palestinian journalist) who is knowingly and persistently works against his own people in full cooperation with the zionist occupiers.
من يجمع المعلومات الشخصية عن الفلسطينيين لصالح اسيادة الصهاينة، فهو عميل بامتياز وخصوصا اذا كان من عائلة فيها عملاء 
We, Anonymous Palestine, have made an exclusive researcher on him since he was kicked out by his respectful family residing in Deir-Elbalah (central Gaza area) to reside alone in "Nassr" neighborhood of northern Gaza city, and then when he was discovered he ran away to Jordan and afterward to Saudi Arabia and finally to reside in Germany as a journalist reporting against the Fighting Palestinians serving his zionist recruiters.

CV: Curricula Vitae 

First, as a young man, Yasser was caught of suspicious activities of collaborating with the zionist occupiers and he was kicked out of his family nest (who are mostly to be respectful people except his brother Mohammed" who too wa…

Zionist Crimes against Palestinian children

Put Israel on the UN List of Serious Rights Violators of Children under Armed Conflict.We must end the systematic targeting of Palestinian children by the State of Israel, its military and citizens who violate Palestinian children’s rights under armed conflict.70 years of occupation, ethnic cleansing, and unspeakable wars have lead only to a shrinking Palestine and an oppressed unarmed population whose children are being systematically targeted by the Israeli military.
100 years of British, UN and US “talks” has resulted in this:
- 91,000 dead.*
- 5.5 million stateless refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq.
- 2.5 million living in their 48th year of an illegal occupation in which at least half are refugees as well.
- 1.8 million living in their 8th year of an illegal blockade that has destroyed their economy and society.
- 2.2 million living as second-class people in Israel.
- Millions living in the diaspora separated from families and their heritage.

The Amazing Story of Gaza

The Amazing Story of Gaza 
by: Hazem Exquisite

1987 was the year of the first Intifada; it was also the year of my birth. I quickly became immune to things children should never be exposed to!! 

A normal day for me could mean that Israeli soldiers might raid our home in the early morning. My mother was so afraid of what they may do that she would hide the kitchen knives fearing that the soldiers would slaughter us in our beds for no reason. The Israeli soldiers at that time practiced an extremely dirty way of killing children. The fear was exacerbated because the Zionist media was (and still is) so dominating that it would be a case of our word against theirs and their word would always win. 

All around me were stories of death, of broken bones, of severed heads and amputated limbs. Right from the beginning, I and all the other children around me were unable to live a ‘normal’ life. The journey to my school or playground was always one filled with anxiety and dread. From my early years I…